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1st Prize - 4 nights accommodation inc. $1,00 airfare - Winner: JEFF MILLAR

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3rd Prize - Fitbit Charge HR (donated by Girl.com.au) - Winner: PETER CAMPISANO 

4th Prize - Oncloud Runners from Fizzix of Motion (donated by Hofmann family) - Winner: LAWS FAMILY

Thank you to everyone who supported our raffle, all monies raised will go directly to our building fund

Membership 2016-17

Membership for 2016-17

Black Rock Life Saving Club is a family friendly club with a welcoming atmosphere and FUN ethos.  We offer a Junior programme for the those aged 5-14 years, a Senior programme for those aged 15-29 years and a Masters programme for those aged 30 years and over.

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Our membership covers a 12 month period which runs from July to June.

Membership Categories and Fee Schedule for 2016-17………..

Member Category




Life Member


A member who has rendered distinguished and exceptional service to the club for at least 10 years, is eligible to be nominated to the Committee for approval as a Life Member.  Must hold a Surf Bronze Medallion and Working With Children Card linked to the club if involved in child related activities


Senior Member(Active) #1

15 yrs and over

as at 1st Oct

Patrolling members. Rostered to patrols and must gain/hold Surf Bronze Medallion and Working With Children Card linked to the club.


Junior Member(Nipper) #2

5 – 14 yrs

as at 1st Oct.

Surf Education for 5-14 yrs to start learning about surf lifesaving and surf awareness. 



Senior Member

(Associate) #3

Parent of Active Nipper

Non-active/social – ideal for supporters and family members of active members. Must have WWCC linked to club.






Family Membership Payment

Restricted to members aged 5 – 14 yrs as at 1st Oct and their parents #4.  18+ must have a WWCC linked to club.


#1  Necessary Qualifications - Members who are between 15 and 28 years of age and who are not the parent or legal guardian of a Junior Member are required to sit for patrolling awards and to complete the required number of annual patrolling hours as set by the Committee at Annual General Meeting. For 2016-17 minimum patrolling hours are 24 hours.

#2  It is mandatory that at least one PARENT/GUARDIAN is also a Member of the club when seeking a Junior membership.  Non member parents can not actively assist during training.  Please consider the benefits of a family membership listed below #4

#3  Parents seeking membership purely to enable a junior membership, and not as an Active (patrolling/competing) Senior, will be referred to as an Associate member, as defined above, for Lifesaving Online purposes.

#4  Family membership enables parents to participate in club training sessions with the Juniors/Seniors/Masters throughout the year, use of club facilities and amenities during patrol hours, use of club boards (excluding senior training times), opportunity to complete SRC/Bronze Medallion along with other courses run by Life Saving Victoria, can become an Active member involved in competitions and patrolling.

All Nippers eligible for a Nipper 'Early Bird' t-shirt will receive this near the start of the season.

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How Do I Join

There are 3 steps involved in becoming a new member or to renew a membership:

 1.  Obtain a Working With Children Card or link your current
      Working With Children Card to include Black Rock Life Saving Club
      and Life Saving Victoria.

 2.  Submit NEW application form, via Surf Life Saving (click to JOIN) or
      RENEW via SLSA's Member Portal (click to Create an Account and RENEW).*

 3.  Make payment via the Payment Gateway (log in to SLSA Member Portal and
      select Lifesaving Online tab). Ensure all members
are listed showing all surnames.

When all 3 steps are completed your application will be submitted to committee for approval.

*All Existing Members will be setting up an account via SLSA's Members Portal which will give them access to their existing membership information, to add/amend personal details, make payments and view patrol log / awards.  Please ensure that any existing information is accurate.

Working With Children Card

Everyone 18 years and over MUST obtain a Working With Children Card (WWCC) or link an existing card to Black Rock Life Saving Club and Life Saving Victoria.  Once this check is processed both organisations are notified by the Department of Justice.  WWCC details are recorded by the Club Secretary and your membership application can proceed.

For a detailed guide on applying for, renewing, or linking a WWCC click here.  To check your details are linked to Black Rock Life Saving Club and Life Saving Victoria phone the Department of Justice on: 1300 652879 or go online, www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au.


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RENEWING Membership

Open this procedure if you are Renewing Family* Memberships

Open this procedure if you are Renewing an Individual Senior Membership

*FAMILY MEMBERSHIP Refers to applications for several family members PAYING together.  Each family member still needs to complete an individual Renewal / New application form.

NEW Member

Open this procedure if you are applying for NEW Family* Memberships

Open this procedure if you are applying for a NEW Individual Senior Membership

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IMPORTANT NOTE to all new and renewing members:  Please be aware of the following “Declaration and Consent“ that applies to all members who are renewing or applying for new membership with Black Rock Life Saving Club via Lifesaving Online:


Declaration and Consent

  • I, the member (or parent/legal guardian of minor), have checked and confirm that the personal details entered are correct. I have read and understand the Constitution and By-laws of the Black Rock Life Saving Club Inc and agree to abide by all Club Rules.
  • In respect to any family applicant under the age of 18 years, I give permission for my child (children) to attend training, competitions and any other functions organised by Black Rock Life Saving Club Inc. I authorise the person in charge of a club event, where it is impractical for them to communicate with me (parent/legal guardian), to consent to my child receiving such urgent medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed necessary by a medical practitioner / administer such first aid as the person in charge may judge to be reasonably necessary.
  • I give permission for Black Rock Life Saving Club to capture my image during club activities and for the use of those images and my name for club related activies and/or communication material.  Where the member is under 18 years I, as the member’s parent/legal guardian, consent on behalf of the junior applicant.


If you have trouble logging in to Lifesaving Online, please email your first name, surname, date of birth, email address and mobile number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Once you've completed the membership application form you have the following 3 options to pay your membership fees:

Online (credit card): by navigating to the make payment section whilst making your on-line application - this is the prefered option

Cheque: made payable to Black Rock Life Saving Club

An Online Payment Guide is available should you need to refer to it at any stage.

For Help or alternative methods of renewing a membership or becoming a new member please email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or come to:

2016 Open Day – Saturday 22nd October @ 12.00pm

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