WE ARE VOLUNTEERS ! [email protected]


Love being at the beach, in the water, with friends, being active, helping others? At the age of 13 you can become a Lifesaver and start your journey protecting the community between the iconic red and yellow flags.


High school students, with or without past experience of nippers, can come together to learn lifesaving skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Cadets are recognising their own strengths and preferences and our program is designed to encourage and develop these strengths whether it be physical training, leadership, first aid or any other lifesaving discipline(s) chosen.

Volunteering as a lifesaver can be incredibly rewarding and equip you with skills needed to save a life; First Aid, CPR, Defibrillator use, Rescue techniques and Emergency Care

At the age of 13 you can take the surf rescue certificate (SRC)
At the age of 15 you can take the bronze medallion award (BM)
Award courses commence during November

Give it a Go! Become a Lifesaver today. 

Black Rock LSC are proud of many members who have participated in a variety of lifesaving pathways to further their personal development as well as give back a wealth of knowledge and experience to other club members and the wider lifesaving community.


Black Rock Cadets enjoy plenty of social events over the season from beach games, water games, obstacle courses, pizza and movies nights, donut eating competitions and more.


Black Rock Life Saving Club appreciates the support of local businesses, enabling us to provide a patrolled beach over the summer as well as a water safety and training programs for the community.