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Expectations and Inclusions of a JUNIOR membership for NIPPERS aged 5-13 years (as of 1st October)


Membership Fees

$200 per season

At least one parent/guardian is required to join with a nipper.

Parent member must register a Working With Children Card (WWCC) with the club and LSV.

Parent member can join the Masters at no additional cost provided they undertake the obligations aligned with the category and achieve the Bronze medallion award.

Additional Nippers


Additional nippers within the immediate family may be added for an additional fee of $80 each.


Attain Preliminary Skills (PS) competencies as shown in linked table
Until this award has been passed a parent/guardian will need to supervise 1:1 in any water activities.
Nippers wishing to join the additional sport training session on Thursday need to attain their Competition Skills (CS) as shown in the linked table.


( Working With Children Check )
Members aged 18 years and over must register a WWCC with the Club and LSV


Nipper Training

Surf Education
Saturday 12:30-2:00pm

On Completion of at least 50% of the program, the Life Saving Victoria Surf Education award certificate will be awarded at presentation night.


Sport Training
Thursday 6:30-7:30pm

Available to U8-U14s who are aiming to compete in LSV carnivals and are attending Saturday Surf Education sessions.

T&Cs apply

Competition Fees

Includes Victorian Carnival entry fees
(excludes Championship events)
T&Cs apply – refer Competitor MOU)

Club Boards

Nippers have access to junior club training boards during nipper training sessions and patrol hours on weekend and public holidays at the discretion of the patrol captain.

Junior competition boards may be used during training by competing nippers at the discretion of the junior committee

Parent Volunteers

 Nippers parent who are members and volunteer 16+ hours (coaching committee official, fundraising) may be eligible for key fob, gym access hall hire discount on application.

*Expectation and Inclusions of membership category apply

For help or further information contact membership@brlsc.org.au

* Training

Surf Education, Patrol Fitness and Competition training run at the club over summer is included in your membership fees.

Additional fees are incurred if joining pool competition training over the winter months to cover lane hire at local swim centers.

Adhoc specialist training programs may incur additional costs and will be advised.



Give it a Go, Become a Lifesaver today!


I, the member (or parent/legal guardian of minor), have read and understand the Constitution and By-laws of the Black Rock Life Saving Club Inc and agree to abide by all Club Rules.

In respect to any family applicant under the age of 18 years, I give permission for my child (children) to attend training, competitions and any other functions organised by Black Rock Life Saving Club Inc. I authorise the person in charge of a club event, where it is impractical for them to communicate with me (parent/legal guardian), to consent to my child receiving such urgent medical or surgical treatment as may be deemed necessary by a medical practitioner / administer such first aid as the person in charge may judge to be reasonably necessary.

I give permission for Black Rock Life Saving Club to capture my image during club activities and for the use of those images and my name for club related activites and/or communication material.  Where the member is under 18 years I, as the member’s parent/legal guardian, consent on behalf of the junior applicant.


Black Rock Life Saving Club has a proven track record of success in teaching and training LIFESAVERS.