Black Rock Life Saving Club

Black Rock Life Saving Club was formed in the early 1928 to provide Life Saving services on Black Rock beach from Quiet Corner to Arkaringa Point. 


The photos of the original club house from the 1920s are located on the wall in the gym area. Our vision is to provide a safe, friendly and welcoming environment where all members can interact and enjoy the benefits of a healthy outdoor activity to learn about water safety, first aid, resuscitation, develop an awareness of the beach and the aquatic environment, in a manner that is fun, educational and embraces team spirit, tolerance and inclusion. We cater for all age groups from Nippers (5-15) to Masters (30+) and encourage parents to actively participate in club activities.


We also aim to provide the opportunity for any child to participate in a dedicated Competition Team that focuses on the sport of Life Saving. This program aims to provide the opportunity for children to further hone their skills through additional training sessions which focus on building core strength, aerobic fitness and competition skills