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Surf education and safety in the aquatic environment for 5-13 year olds.

Nippers Evolve Lifesavers

Black Rock Life Saving Club offer a beach education program for children aged 5 to 13 years to learn lifesaving skills.

We have the perfect play ground to develop members through personal safety, aquatic awareness, fitness and first aid to potentially becoming a community Lifesaver!

Nippers is not a learn to swim program, we encourage all nippers to participate in a swimming program. On joining, nippers will be required to pass a swimming assessment, until this assessment is passed parents are required to supervise their children one on one.

All members at Black Rock are Volunteers. In order for the nippers program to run successfully it is important that parents get involved. There are many ways to help including; Age Manager: instructing nipper activities on the beach and in the water, Water Safety: attaining the Bronze award to assist in the water, Social: organising social activities for the nippers and parents.


Black Rock Nippers enjoy plenty of social events over the season from discos, beach games, water park obstacle courses, bake sales and more.

To ensure all children have a suitable swimming ability to allow them to participate in open water activities, Surf Life Saving Australia has developed a Junior Preliminary Skills Evaluation (click link for further information) for each age group.  Every nipper is required to participate in this evaluation, conducted by the club, prior to any junior water activity training or competition being undertaken.

In surf education nippers are taught vital water safety and survival skills,  as well as to appreciate and protect their environment.  As nippers progress through the age categories they will gain an understanding of health, lifesaving rescue techniques, first aid and resuscitation preparing them to achieve their Surf Rescue Certificate and start beach patrols at the age of 13, if they wish to.

From the U8 age group participation in competition is offered in a number of different disciplines that helps nippers learn their beach and surf skills and also provides them with regular physical activity that incorporates fun and team work.  Competition is encouraged but not compulsory.  Carnivals are held at different Bay and Surf beaches around the State each year, so they also provide a fabulous opportunity to explore different parts of Victoria.

Our intention at Black Rock LSC is to grow healthy, well balanced Life Savers within a supportive, fun and educational environment, that has at it’s core family and community based values.

Nipper Surf Education

Saturday 12:30-2:00pm
Age 5-13
– Fitness fun and games for future lifesavers;
beach safety beach & surf conditions aquatic animals first aid swimming & board skills beach sprints & flags
This is not a learn to swim program.
– all nippers are required to achieve the preliminary skills (PS) level for the age group they train with.

Competition Training

Oct-Mar Thursday 6:30-7:30pm

Additional skills training for competing at carnivals

Junior Competition  Programs

Black Rock team has a proven track record of success in teaching and training life savers.


Oct-Mar States

CS award required

Skills training for competition
Thursday 6:30pm

Adhoc Sundays and surf trips


April – June States

Nippers U8-U11
PS award required

Skills training in preparation for competing in pool lifesaving events

This is not a ‘squad’ program
Additional lane fee costs involved


Oct- Mar States

Skills training for the purpose of competing at R&R carnivals

2 person R&R: Thursday 6pm / Saturday 12:00pm


Black Rock Life Saving Club appreciates the support of local businesses, enabling us to provide a patrolled beach over the summer as well as a water safety and training programs for the community.