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Education, Fitness, Leadership, Social, Volunteering within an iconic organisation as a Black Rock Lifesaver


join as an Active member to participate as a volunteer Lifesaver within the iconic organisation of Surf Life Saving Australia.

At Black Rock Life Saving Club our members are not only taught the skills required to achieve their Bronze Medallion Lifesaver Award, they also have many opportunities to access further pathways in lifesaving, leadership and sports, including some nationally accredited units of competencies.

Seniors start their patrol and summer surf sports training in early October leading to a bronze award course for new members being held late November and a skills assessment for existing members in early December. Once awards are in place members continue training and patrolling until early April.

Senior Training

Saturday 2:30-4:00pm
Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm
SRC/BM award required to train with this group
– Patrol fitness and competition skills training;
– swimming
– board skills
– ski
– beach sprints & flags
– board & tube rescues
– fitness stamina
Additional training sessions added throughout the season as required

Competition Training

see competition page for dates & times

SRC/BM award and patrol hours required to compete

Skills training for competing at carnivals:
Pool carnivals
IRB carnivals
R&R carnivals

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U15 Development Camp
U18 Development Camp
18-25 Mentor Program
Leadership Dev – Program Leaders
Building Leaders Scholarship
SLSA National Leadership College


Sport Competition

Black Rock LSC are proud of many members who have participated in a variety of lifesaving pathways to further their personal development as well as give back a wealth of knowledge and experience to other club members and the wider lifesaving community.


Black Rock Seniors enjoy plenty of social events over the season from themed events, comedy nights, beach games, water games, obstacle courses and more


Black Rock Life Saving Club appreciates the support of local businesses, enabling us to provide a patrolled beach over the summer as well as a water safety and training programs for the community.