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At Black Rock Life Saving Club we provide a fun, family based environment in which to learn the principles of water safety, health, fitness, resuscitation and the aquatic environment.


Provides the opportunity for all ages to learn and develop life saving skills

Black Rock LSC provides the community with volunteer lifesavers who patrol our local beach throughout the summer.

Lifesavers can start their journey as a nipper, cadet, senior or master, all members develop an awareness of beaches and keeping themselves safe in an aquatic environment before developing the first aid and rescue skills needed to help others.

We provide a safe, friendly and welcoming environment where all members can interact and enjoy the health and social benefits of belonging to a club that embraces team spirit and inclusion.


A surf education program teaching children aged 5 to 14 years how to have fun and stay safe in the beautiful aquatic environment on our doorstep.


Invaluable lifesaving skills from first aid to CPR are taught enabling members to volunteer as community lifesavers.


A fun group of teenagers and young adults who enjoy training in an aquatic environment.


Sport competition plays a vital role in keeping members fit, active and engaged while building skills.

BLACK ROCK  Training Times

Surf Education

Nov – Feb
Saturday 12:30-2:00pm

Aged 5-13 years

– fitness fun & games for future lifesavers
– beach safety
– beach/surf conditions
– aquatic animals
– first aid

This is not a learn to swim program.
All members are required to achieve the preliminary skills (PS) level for their age group.

PS Skills

Senior Training

Saturday 2:30-4:00pm
Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm

SRC/BM award required to train with this group
– Patrol fitness and competition skills training;
– swimming
– board skills
– ski
– beach sprints & flags
– board & tube rescues
– fitness stamina
Additional training sessions added throughout the season as required

Competition Training

All year training options:

Additional skills training for competing at carnivals;

summer carnivals
Thursdays Oct-Mar
winter pool carnivals
Saturdays Apr-Jul

winter pool carnivals
Saturdays Jul-Sept

See All Competition Training Programs 


Black Rock Life Saving Club appreciates the support of local businesses, enabling us to provide a patrolled beach over the summer as well as a water safety and training programs for the community.